Fuck You David!

Britta and I are getting married.


when someone reblogs something you made and you rush to check their blog but they didn’t write any fun commentary in the tags


Pray for South Korea


If you hadn’t heard yet, a ferry in South Korea caring around 459 people (325 of which are high school students) capsized, taking with it many of its passengers. So far around 300 are unaccounted for, and at least 7 people are proclaimed dead. (You can read more about the tragedy here) Please keep this horrible tragedy in your prayers and hope they can save more lives. 


FINALLY. FINALLY HEIDI. She has laid her first three eggs and joins the Big Girl Club! Her laying is erratic but that’s okay at the start. She took a whole week’s break between her second and third egg. And thankfully the shape of her eggs are distinctive enough that I can easily tell them from Isis’! Huzzah!

So enjoy looking at Heidi through the ages. x3 She’s really photogenic I think. Those last two were from today, to be recent.

(confession: I love ugly teen chicken pictures, with their rugged-looking transition feathers XD)

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